From the press release:

    Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam brings to the PlayStation®2 the extreme speed of downhill racing as players enter high-speed competitions down the steepest hills in the world, from the rocky terrain of Machu Picchu to the busy streets of San Francisco, and other amazing real world courses. Gamers feel the adrenaline rush as they do whatever it takes to get ahead, speeding down crowded pathways, pulling off high-velocity tricks and battling opponents to the finish line in some of the most thrilling landscapes and environments.


    * Three New PS2 Multi-Player Game Modes: Players go head-to-head with friends in split-screen competitions and battle in a variety of Downhill Jam favorite modes, including Race, Trick Attack, Slalom, as well as try new PlayStation 2-only challenges such as Airtime, Mayhem or Yard Sale.
    * Choose Tony Hawk or another colorful character: Fans can choose to play as one of 12 characters, including Tony Hawk, as well as three new PlayStation 2 exclusive skaters. In addition, players can utilize the Downhill Jam Create-A-Skater feature to create their own lightening-fast racing character.
    * Arcade-Style Racing: Featuring 10 new PlayStation 2-only events, Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam skaters compete in more than 100 events overall across eight challenging environments. Prepare to crouch for more speed, jump or grind over obstacles and pull off all of the favorite air tricks to gain boosts and race past the competition.
    * Crazy Customizations: New characters, sponsors and create-a-skater parts give PlayStation 2 players more options to customize their character. Gamers can also choose from a wide variety of skateboards, all of which have different attributes that affect gameplay.

By Garv