We’ll be heading off to the Microsoft Press Conference in a few minutes and like we said in the podcast, we’re not really sure what they’ll be showing. I predict they will be showing off Halo 4, and we’ll see something about the next Gears of War. We’ll also see a lot of Kinect stuff. I’m sure we can expect to see more information about how Windows and Xbox Live will connect up in the future.

Someone asked if there is any chance they’ll talk about their next hardware, but in my opinion, I don’t think they’ll say much. However, I do think it’s possible they’ll give it some lip service since a lot of people will be asking, but whatever they say about it, won’t be much.

I’ll update this as we get closer as it is a couple of hours before the event starts.

*UPDATE* Lots of people here so maybe we won’t be able to get good seats. I wanted to mention that I think there may be something about the new “mini” Xbox 360. We’re a little over an hour away, but we’ll keep everyone posted.


By Garv

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