We’re at the Nintendo conference and expectations are high. Expectations are at an all time high, but it’s the day of the Wii U. No one really has any idea what is going to be shown, but I think there are going to be a ton of 3rd party games announced. The Nintendo NDA has been in effect for a long time now and that all ends today. Ultimately, we should see a new Mario and we know that Pikmin 3 will also be there.

There should be a focus on the Wii U and not much on the 3DS at least not until tomorrow. But it’s Nintendo’s time to blow the lid off of this thing, and I think people are ready to be floored. There are a lot of question going into this thing, and I hope Nintendo puts fears of system power to bed, and thing we can focus on the games.

There was a rumor this morning about Mass Effect coming to the Wii U, and that has me a little hyped. Will totally bow down to the video game Gods if Mass Effect 1, 2, 3 are announced for the Wii U. Especially with new controls.

Well, show is getting ready to start, so we’ll keep everyone posted.

By Garv

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