In case you can’t get enough cards, GAMEVIL brings us Duel of Fate for iOS devices. You can pick the game up for free on the Apple App Store.

From the press release:

    Leading mobile games developer and publisher announced the release of their new game, Duel of Fate to the App Store today. Duel of Fate is developed by Sejoong and published by GAMEVIL in cooperation with KOCCA. Duel of Fate is one of the many published titles that GAMEVIL will release this summer along with their own internal titles.

    Duel of Fate is a card game that incorporates strategy and luck on a platform where users can expand their card decks and level up their avatar while playing in either Single Player against intuitive AI or in Multiplayer in real-time with other players from across the world. The game pits two players and their two cards against one another in a match of elements, where water will defeat fire, fire defeat earth, and earth defeat water. With a time limit placed on making a decision when choosing a card, players are forced to make strategic decisions quickly. Cards are chosen at random from a players deck in each hand.

    Players can upgrade their decks by buying card packs or upgrade individual cards as they level up. With a wide variety of monster and item cards, the combinations of cards in a hand is endless as is the ability to collect rare and powerful cards. A successful match is determined partially by chance but weighs heavily on a player’s ability to think critically of one’s situation and initiate a proper response. Presented in retina display as the card characters come alive on the screen, Duel of Fate incorporates beautiful animation along that transforms a card combat game into an immersive tactical battle.

    “Duel of Fate is an interesting game to add to the library of published titles we have so far,” stated Kyu C. Lee VP and Head of GAMEVIL USA, INC. “It’s a card combat game where the gameplay is entertaining as well as its visuals.”

    Duel of Fate is now FREE for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

By Garv

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