From the press release:

    This year’s Games Convention, from 22nd – 26th August in Leipzig, will be the world’s biggest game event in 2007. More than 180,000 visitors are expected and journalists from all over the world will see the next generation of games.

    This is the right place and the right time to present world exclusively „THEY“. The next generation mystery first person shooter for PC and next generation consoles will be unveiled at Leipzig Games Convention!

    „THEY“ are huge – „THEY“ are different – „THEY“ are hostile!

    Be one of the selected media to see a thirty minutes behind closed doors presentation – at the Business Center, Hall 1, IMC booth K36. By appointment only the brains behind „THEY“ will present the first playable scenes of this FPS, so mysterious, so stunning and so amazing – that „THEY“ might become one of the most anticipated world premiere titles from this year’s Games Convention!

    „THEY“ features a technically future minded 3D engine with next generation effects, brand new gameplay elements and a revolutionary weapon system to survive the challenges ahead! But always remember: Nothing is as it seems!

    For your personal 30 minute appointment please get in touch with our Head of Communication – Ingo Horn – preferably by phone or by email.

    Facts and features:

    Title: THEY
    Platforms: PC & next generation console
    Release date: 2008/2009
    Genre: First person mystery shooter
    Scenario: Near Future

    – next generation 3D engine
    – unique weapon system that makes you „love“ your weapons
    – mysterious science fiction background story
    – diversified enemies – thrilling and intelligent
    – heroes to identify with
    – heavy usage of physics
    – destructible environment relevant for gameplay
    – haunting single player mode
    – versatile multiplayer modes

By Garv