Welcome to another edition of the Wish List. It’s been a long time, but with things getting underway and Nintendo’s new hardware just around the corner, one can’t help but to be excited about future possibilities. Who knows what kind of impact the Wii U will have on the gaming world, but who can resist the call of new hardware? Not only that, but next year will be shaping up to give even more information regarding Sony and Microsoft’s new hardware offerings. I really like “new hardware” time.

Wouldn’t it be awesome…

…if Phantasy Star Online 2 was announced for Nintendo’s new system. After watching the new trailers for the game, one can’t help but wonder if a console version is around the corner. Currently, the game is only available for the PC, and considering the original game got it’s start on the Dreamcast all those years ago, it just makes sense to throw a console in for good measure. With the Wii U utilizing a 6″ LCD screen on the controller, it would make playing with friends and family that much easier. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

…if Marvel Comics would allow comic subscriptions to transfer over to their iPhone application. With the recent popularity of Android and iOS mobile devices, we’ve been offered a lot more freedom than we’ve ever had as far as content accessibility is concerned. It’s painless to carry all of your comics with you and even more painless to purchase them online. Marvel offers a great subscription program on their website which allows subscribers to read pretty much all of the comics in their library. However, this does not translate over to their mobile app which requires users to buy each comic individually. Sure, there are some $.99 sales every now and again, as well as free issues, but if a person already has a subscription, then that subscription should carry over to the mobile application. Perhaps this is something they’re looking into, but we can only hope that they look at this seriously.

…if Bioware would bring back The Warden in Dragon Age 3. A lot can be said about Dragon Age 2. There was a lot of potential there players wanted to see realized, but that just didn’t happen in the second game. The Warden still has a lot of stories to be told and Bioware left his/her story on a cliffhanger. It just wouldn’t do the character justice to leave them stuck in limbo. Bioware should give the character one more game to wrap up the story at the very least.

…if Sega re-released Panzer Dragoon Saga with updated graphics. One of my favorite games of all time is Panzer Dragoon Saga, and with so many games getting HD remakes, I’d like to see this game also get a little love. Panzer Dragoon Saga was released for the Saturn many years ago, but it still is one of the best RPGs Sega ever put together. It would be only right for Sega to go back to the vault and give the game another go for those who never got around to playing it. The game should be released via digital download, so perhaps Xbox Live, PSN, or Nintendo’s new online system for the Wii U. Either way, it would be nice to see that game again with updated graphics and even new character models. Probably won’t happen, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

By Garv

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