Apexicon is an interesting word RPG that is currently on Kickstarter. As of today, people who pledge at the Mini-Collector’s Edition Tier ($23) will receive another copy of the game and the next two games released by Actos Games. Looks to be a pretty good deal. You can get to the Kickstarter at this link.

From the press release:

    Actos Games, LLC., creator of APEXICON – Fantasy Puzzle Combat, upcoming titles THERMOBIRD (for mobiles), and TITANOMACHIA (upcoming title based on Shadow of the Colossus) have announced an unprecedented deal regarding APEXICON and its future titles: Starting today, all backers who back the Mini-Collector’s Edition tier on the Kickstarter or higher will get another copy of APEXICON, as well as the next two titles from Actos Games, LLC., THERMOBIRD, and TITANOMACHIA.

    “We believe not only quality is a part of our brand from here on out, but value as well. Our supporters are just the beginning in our grand scope of games and game development in general. With this new backing bonus, we believe our current and future backers will realize that Actos Games means business. We want to foster loyalty and friendship in the community, and we believe we can do this by offering our future games to those early supporters. We still encourage them to back our future Kickstarters for any of our games to obtain exclusive swag for the game of their choice.” Jonathan Meyer stated when asked about the deal.

    Also of interesting news, come the fact that talks between newly indie publisher DoubleFine have been in the works. “We absolutely love DoubleFine and everything they’ve done for the indie community – which is why we think they’re an amazing choice to start talks about publishing APEXICON or our future titles through.” Jonathan Meyer remarked. “It is definitely an exciting prospect, and we give all our love to Greg Rice.”

    APEXICON – Fantasy Puzzle Combat is a puzzle RPG based around creating words from a boggle-like board. Calling itself a “successor to Puzzle Quest”, it features four RPG classes, town-building, side-quests, and special hidden NPCs you can find to change the game’s multiple endings. Similar to Bookworm Adventures, you are able to deal more damage to enemies with your words based on the skills you activate and use during combat.

    For more information on APEXICON – Fantasy Puzzle Combat’s Current Kickstarter, please visit at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/paladium/apexicon-fantasy-puzzle-combat-puzzle-rpg for news, Q&As from the development team, and more.

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