Welcome to the Wish List. Each month we propose some ideas that we wish would happen in the game industry. Whether it’s simply games we’d like to see made, or some change we’d like to see in the industry as a whole. Either way, it is done in good fun and though some of the ideas are possible in the real sense, we would like to stress that nothing on the list has any basis on facts and is not a rumor. Now that we’ve taken care of the mandatory disclaimer, on with the list.

Wouldn’t it be cool…

…if Square Enix relased Kingdom Hearts on the Wii. The recent rumor running around the internet regarding Kingdom Hearts heading to the Wii got us thinking. The idea of swinging around the Wii remote to attack, as well as having an easier setup for casting spells and using items like potions and such. Not only that, but with the Wii being more powerful than the PS2, there could be quite a few graphical tweeks. If Square Enix could improve on the flow of combat, add brand new worlds with much more expansive cities and dungeons, plenty of extra boss fights and items (like the original Kingdom Hearts), more characters, a better arena setup, and a compelling conclusion of the story, then they’d have the best Kingdom Hearts to date. Whether or not this rumor turns out to be true, Kingdom Hearts on the Wii would still be a cool idea.

…if Blizzard released a version of World of Warcraft for the new consoles. As it stands now the Xbox 360 Premium has a harddrive and both PS3 versions have a harddrive built in. That leaves only the Wii and the Xbox 360 Core Unit as the only new gen systems without a harddrive and both of those items can have a harddrive added. Many have wanted some sort of gamepad support with World of Warcraft and adding console support would give it to those who don’t mind sacking the harddrive space to install it. With the Burning Crusade expansion due out in a matter of weeks, the console versions could come standard with not only the original World of Warcraft, but the expansion as well. There is something nice about sitting in front of the tube playing games and being able to run through Hellfire Citadel from the couch using a gamepad would be awesome. Maybe a Blizz rep is reading this now and getting some ideas.

…if someone would release an AD&D game that allowed the player to choose the ruleset they wanted to use. For those of us who are not taken with the recent AD&D 3.5 Edition and would rather use the First Edition rules, this would be great. Imagine playing a game like Neverwinter Nights with old rules. Sure times change, but those of us who are old schoolers and want to avoid the d20 system can still get our AD&D game fix, but not be subjected to all of the crazy rules. Until then, it’s back to the old AD&D Gold Box games.

…if Climax would create an update of Dark Savior. There are many mixed feelings about the game, but it has been almost 10 years since the game was released. Back then we were fans of Landstalker and there was a lot of potential riding on Dark Savior. Many fans of the series believe that Dark Savior could have been better, whether it was the crazy combat system, or the insane jumps that pushed people over the edge the game could use an update to realize its potential. It doesn’t really matter what system it ends up on, but updating Dark Savior with an improved combat system and updated graphics and controls would be a nice edition to any of the current console’s library.

By Garv

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